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Challenge lessons
Day 1
Create a Content Strategy

GET UNSTUCK - Clarify your goals,  create a clear and MANAGEABLE content strategy that will overpower the overwhelm! No more creativity blocks!

Day 2
Create YouTube Content

Find out the key to getting over your fears and leaning all in to YouTube. 

Yes, you will be creating a YouTube video in this challenge and trust me – it’s easy!

Day 3
Create Instagram Content


Master creating quick content for your IG feed, IG Stories, and IG TV. This strategy makes IG content a no-brainer.

InstaContent InstaFast!

Day 4
Create Pinterest Content

Find out the one thing successful bloggers do on Pinterest to get more views.  It’s not what you think and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Use Pinterest to get more eyes on your videos and your website.

Day 5
Create Blog Content

Master these time-saving techniques for creating quick blog content.

Learn the one thing every blogger needs to do to get more visitors to their site.

Convert Content to Clients

Create a digital marketing strategy that converts your content to client.  Create your custom client profile and design a customer journey unique to your products/services.

New Lessons Daily!

This challenge was create for those who know creating consistent content is key for building brands and bank accounts but get stuck when it's time to execute.  I kept the price low so you have absolutely no excuses.

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If you struggle with getting software and apps to obey your commands - I got you. We'll show those apps whose boss with step-by-step tutorials.
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After each lesson you will be challenged to start Now! No fluff - just simple strategies that anyone can follow! No more excuses. Let's go!!!
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